Women’s Social Value and Participation

Women?s Social Value and Participation

The prejudice that women have suffered over the years can no longer have a place in our society. For this reason, the IFA is seeking to actively engage women within our community to be active in our sports as coaches, team managers, players and also part of the IFA leadership. But the IFA does not seek to speak for women but rather would open a space for them to speak out on their own. We believe that women are more than capable to be agents of their own emancipation given the opportunity. Within our heritage, it was the women who were the first agents to seek an end to the wars because of such losses as their husbands and their children. There is no one more potent as an agent of emancipation than women. Thus, IFA would partner with collaborators to run talks and roadshows that seek to empower women and give them the prominent roles in leadership within the IFA.