Due to the deprivation of the community of Msinga (that were economically, Social and politically infringed of information) such led into the endless wars that put Msinga into a bad map of being filled by tribal and sectoral wars [Impi yezigodi].

The wars that showed themselves as factional wars [impi yesizwe] that were motivated by greed and power as well as political influences. There are lots of wars that happened in Msinga in different Tribes. 

Some were manifested and known as Mabovini War [impi yaseMabomvini] which was fought by the Majozi clan and Mabomvu clan which took place between 1983 and 1984. 

The sad part of this war in particular made a boy child to be a direct victim of those that were fighting on both clans, because there was a notion that a boy child will grow up to be a warrior should they be left into their adulthood. 

Therefore, this disintegrates the family structure and chasing away the boy child to being brought up within the vicinity of those clans. These wars spilled over to areas such as Gauteng and Durban because of the engagement of the so-called hitman “Inkabi”. Such engagements were propagated by utilization of traditional herbal medicines [imithi yesintu] which made the hitman to be bold as lions. It is very unfortunate that the utilization of “inkabi” destabilized the transportation Industry and economic progress on specific routes that were engulfed by such evil. 

Some of the Taxi ranks and routes particularly in Gauteng and eThekwini had to be temporarily closed during such wars. It left many people dead (Taxi Owners, Taxi Drivers and the Public).

It is also sad to recall other occasions of Women’s rights deprivation which projected themselves through “isiko lokuthwala” 

(Young Ladies forceful courting) unfortunately such young ladies were not even protected by our tradition and customs hence their exposure to such forceful courting kidnapping. Neither the Security Cluster Sector focused to such human rights deprivation. Therefore, this disintegrates the family structure and chasing away the boy child to being brought up within the vicinity of those clans. 

All the above incidences left the family structure disintegrated at Msinga because of the Tribal, Clan, Factional or Ward wars and Conflicts that negatively affected the tourism, economic and social growth in the area which therefore calls for people of same progressive and visionary thinking of how best to contribute towards the socio-economic growth of Msinga. Hence the establishment of Ilenge Football Association which has been established with the vision of bringing about peace, unity and economic growth through sports.