• Community Building

    While we believe in community development, the actualisation of the vision of the IFA seeks to effect a program that facilitates community building. Our vision does not consider members of the community as passive recipients. However, we consider that we shall be partners with our communities in building in the creation or enhancement of community among individuals within our context. We seek to not only develop as a community but we see that this shall be achieved when we develop individuals within our community.?

    Our program with the Majuba TVET, and other new partners will be focused at ensuring that the community is aware of the various opportunities that are available for their own development?

    and capacity enhancement such that they become productive citizens in our community. During the year, we shall have various roadshows in community and at schools ? making sure that those of our community that seek to add to the livelihood of themselves, their families and the community at large are afforded the opportunities to do so.?

  • Sports for Peace (Annual Tournament)

    The IFA has reviewed the success of this Summer edition of our Annual Soccer Tournament and has initiated talks for a Peace Tournament which will take place during Winter Vacation and it shall include athletics, football, netball, volley ball and traditional games. We view this tournament as more interactive and will seek to bring about teams that go across gender, age, education, skill, employment and all forms of prejudice ? and simply seek to unite the community through sports.?

  • Sports for Unity

    Beyond just soccer, IFA seeks to engage various sporting codes to bring together our community in promoting peace and social cohesion. We have currently started with our under 15 league and this year will see the establishment of the Women?s Soccer Cup. We are also in talks with school to start a cricket, rugby and netball league in school.?

    IFA is thus seeking various partners to collaborate with in this venture where we believe that sports has the power not only to entertain people but also to act as a catalyst in uniting them.?

  • Fun Walk for Peace

    We can not all run. We can not all kick a ball. We can not all play sport. But we can all walk. We believe that a community Fun Walk for Peace would add to the social fibre of our community. The Fun Walk for Peace is based on the IFA values of service of humanity, and it is rooted in the call of duty and inspired by the love of peace. The Fun Walk for Peace aims to relieve the suffering of the poor, the destitute and the marginalised, and to promote peace, understanding and goodwill amongst people of all walks of life.

  • Women?s Social Value and Participation

    The prejudice that women have suffered over the years can no longer have a place in our society. For this reason, the IFA is seeking to actively engage women within our community to be active in our sports as coaches, team managers, players and also part of the IFA leadership. But the IFA does not seek to speak for women but rather would open a space for them to speak out on their own. We believe that women are more than capable to be agents of their own emancipation given the opportunity. Within our heritage, it was the women who were the first agents to seek an end to the wars because of such losses as their husbands and their children. There is no one more potent as an agent of emancipation than women. Thus, IFA would partner with collaborators to run talks and roadshows that seek to empower women and give them the prominent roles in leadership within the IFA.

  • The Girl Child Education and Health
    The realisation that gender prejudice has been at the core of development in South Africa has seen the tide turn as the girl child finds justifiable favour towards emancipation and basic human rights. The educations and the health of the girl child is at the front of the IFA agenda. With the Women?s Soccer Cup, we are also planning to give towards the health of young girls in basic needs like sanitary resources and also towards their education in recognising excellence and achievement. The Girl Child Bursary Fund has been drafted and we aim to see it implemented as soon as possible, making sure that the girls of our community are given the opportunities that our mothers never had.

  • Peace and Economic Stability Awards

    As peace is at the core of the IFA vision, the IFA seeks to host a Peace and Economic Stability Awards Ceremony annually in recognition of those who go out of their way to see economic opportunities being developed and shared with the community. We also seek to recognise that people who ensure social cohesion and have proven to sacrifice towards making this a living reality in their context. We believe that it is important to acknowledge good conduct so that even the youth and the young may emulate these characteristics.